Understanding the Set Point Theory

setpointheory Oct 23, 2020

What is the Set Point Theory?

In the world of weight loss, the set point theory is a common discussion point. The set point theory describes a specific weight that our body wants to be. Our body weight can fluctuate up or down slightly, but it generally returns to its regular set point. This set point weight is usually determined at the end of puberty, hence why it’s so important to pursue a healthy weight pre-adulthood.


Where did the set point theory come from? 

As humans, we have been designed to maintain our weight. In centuries gone by, our bodies were required to store fat to get us through the winter. Maintaining weight has been ingrained into our genetics as a protective mechanism. The problem is, we don’t need this mechanism anymore. We’ve got heaters and blankets now.


If we lose too much weight, our body starts to put up a fight. Our metabolism slows down, hunger hormones increase, and our appetite-suppressing hormones become less...

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