What contributes to rural obesity?

ruralobesity Feb 03, 2021

Rural obesity is multifactorial, with the main factors involving limited access to healthcare services and a lack of knowledge. Today, we will dive more deeply into the reasons behind rural obesity and what can be done to improve community health outcomes.


A bit of history

From 1985, a 30-year study was conducted, looking into obesity rates across geographical locations. Initially, results indicated that those in rural areas were 75% more likely to be a healthy weight than those living in the city. However, since this first stat, the results have flipped, and those in rural areas are more likely to be overweight or obese.


So, what are some of the reasons behind rural obesity?

  1. Income is generally lower. This means that people have less of an ability to purchase healthy food.
  2. Lack of environmental support. There are fewer parks, pathways, and exercise equipment in rural areas compared to metropolitan areas.
  3. Less access to healthcare facilities. The number of public and...
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