What’s the difference between potato and sweet potato?

potato Feb 06, 2021

Honestly, there is not a big difference between potato and sweet potato.

However, white potatoes have a bad rep, all thanks to sneaky marketing. When we analyse the science between the potato varieties, we don’t see significant differences in terms of the macronutrients - It’s more about the micronutrients. Today, we will explore the similarities and differences between the potatoes and strategies to optimise our health.


Potato vs sweet potato

There is not a lot separating the potatoes in terms of nutrition. The energy density, carbohydrate, protein and fat content is virtually the same. The differences exist between the micronutrient makeup and the taste.  


  • The potatoes virtually provide the same amount of kJ per 100g (sweet potatoes are 20kJ higher, so not a massive difference).
  • White potatoes have slightly less carbohydrate per 100g. However, the difference is not significant.
  • Protein is the same between the potato varieties.



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