Food For Thought

foodforthought mobimag Jan 15, 2021

After an…interesting year, it’s time to put our health into the driver’s seat and kick-off 2021 with a bang! CQ Nutrition has developed a new mobile magazine – Food For Thought.

This is a monthly magazine, which draws together evidence-based information to help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions. It’s designed to be read on the go, with it being easily accessible through a smart device. You can also access all published issues through the link at the end of the article. 


So what’s generally covered in the Mobi-Mag?

  • SCOOD $50K Health Challenge.
  • Healthy recipes, e.g., Ketogenic baked chicken, sticky miso tofu and beef ragu.
  • A topical diet, e.g., intermittent fasting.
  • Information regarding the InBody Composition Analyser.
  • A reader’s recipe reboot.
  • Punching above your weight – a podcast focusing on people’s individual battles with weight loss.
  • A free meal plan, e.g. Intermittent fasting.



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