Kale vs spinach. Which one tops out?

kale kale&spinach spinach Jan 28, 2021

When we're comparing leafy greens, the evidence is pretty clear cut. Spinach is the vegetable with more health benefits!

Below I'll outline the benefits and differences between each vegetable and some recommendations to optimise our intake. We will go through the macronutrients and micronutrients of each leafy green, and determine which veggie has a higher concentration of each nutrient.  



In terms of energy-density and macronutrient content, these leafy greens are very similar. The only significant difference is fibre content, which spinach wins hands down. 


  • Fibre. Essential for keeping the digestive system healthy and for promoting regular bowel movements.
  • Protein. Essential for building and repairing body tissues and providing the body with a structural framework. 



  • ­Carbohydrate. The bodies primary fuel source, which feeds the brains high energy demands.



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