Hunger Vs. Appetite. What's the difference?

hungervsappetite Dec 02, 2020

Hunger and appetite. Two very complex processes, fighting for our attention and driving what we eat and drink. But what is the difference, and why do we need them?


The feeling of ‘hunger’ drives us to eat. Our brains require energy, which is derived from the foods and fluids we consume. Without enough energy, our brains cannot run effectively, and our bodies begin to shut down.  


Appetite is based on pleasure, and is influenced by what we see, smell, taste and even think! You may be familiar with the concept ‘Pavlov’s dog’ which describes a process of conditioning dogs to salivate when exposed to the idea of food. This same concept applies to humans, as when we’re tempted with something tasty, our bodies react and prepare by increasing saliva and excitement levels.


Challenges relating to appetite

  1. Sugar accessibility. We have CONSTANT access to high-density, sugar-type foods. Whether it’s at the chemist,...
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