Top 10 Tips For Your Next Grocery Shop

healthyshopping Oct 09, 2020

Let’s be real here. Selecting healthy food products can be damn right overwhelming. There are so many products, all with varying health claims – gluten-free, low-fat, wholegrain, lactose-free, high in fibre, added antioxidants… it’s no surprise that people feel a little bamboozled. 

But there’s no need to stress. Today, I’ll outline 10 dietitian-approved products to chuck (/lightly place) in your trolly. These food products are low in kilojoules (meaning they support weight loss) and are JAM PACKED full of vitamins and minerals (AKA the good stuff).


1. Strawberries

Strawberries are the perfect snack, as they’re low in kilojoules, low in carbohydrate, absolutely delicious and help with hunger suppression. Strawberries trigger the stretch receptors in the stomach, which send satiety signals to the brain. Additionally, 1 gram of strawberries equates to about 1 kilojoule. This means that a punnet of strawberries has approximately...

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