How can I best tackle fussy eating?

fussyeating Jan 15, 2021

Fussy eating is best-managed through food experimentation, patience and showing compassion.  It's quite common for those in early childhood, but it can also extend into adulthood. 

Fussy eating is described as a pattern of eating that is quite selective and restrictive in nature. People may avoid certain foods due to taste, texture, smell, sight and fear. It can be related to the cognitive development of a person and their willingness to try new foods and the psychological aspect of food associations. Today, we will identify what can contribute to fussy eating in children and adults, and how to overcome this.  


The role of genes:

There are specific genes or gene variants that can affect people’s taste preferences. For instance, having the GLUT-2 gene gives people a preference for sweeter foods. In some cases, this may explain why people prefer sweet over savoury foods. Additionally, some people describe themselves as “super-tasters”...

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