A Christmas Day Food Guide (That Would Keep Santa Happy)

christmasdiet Dec 02, 2020

Most of us would agree that 2020 has been a bit of a crazy year. What’s even crazier is that Christmas is around the corner.  

And what does that mean? Well, It’s time to purchase an advent calendar and get ready for the Christmas pudding! Christmas is a time of celebration. Once a year, we get together with our families, sing a Christmas tune and indulge in some Aussie delights. This could include honey-glazed turkey, nana’s homemade rumballs and a bevvy (or two).  


So today we will explore some common questions us dietitians receive as we head into the silly season!


As a dietitian, are you worried about Chrissy weight gain?

Christmas weight gain is always a consideration of mine, due to the fact that it can be a month of over-indulgence (well, for me it is). Nutrition Australia has released new research stating that the average weight gain around the X'mas period is 0.8-1.5kg.  What's even scarier, is that the evidence...

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