What is the healthiest type of cheese?

cheese Jan 05, 2021


In general, soft cheeses like ricotta and cottage, are the lowest in fat and energy, thus the "healthiest". However, cheese is so versatile in its taste and usage, it's difficult to say that those two options will always be the best. 

Cheese is one of those ingredients that can elevate a meal from a four to a solid eight out of ten. Personally, I gravitate towards the softer cheeses for a sandwich and the harder cheeses for a wine night with the girls. Actually, I just gravitate towards any form of cheese… but you see, hear is where the problem lies. It’s easy to overdo it on cheese because it tastes so damn good. 

If you’re trying to lose weight or are concerned about heart health, cheese can be a bit of a “danger food”. Most cheeses are a high source of energy and salt in the diet. This can equate to weight gain if consumed in excess, or high blood pressure…eek! Today, we will run through some cheese differences and provide...

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