The Pros and Cons of Alcohol

alcohol Sep 03, 2020

Alcohol is a big part of our culture and is a centrepiece of many social events. Whether it be at a Sunday BBQ, at a wedding or at a bachie sesh with the girls.

More often than not, alcohol is involved. But what impact is this having on our health? Is it major, or are we free to keep on sippin’? Today we’ll go through how alcohol is absorbed, the pros and cons and general recommendations.


Alcohol absorption

Alcohol is absorbed through the stomach and has a high kilojoule content per gram (27kJ/g). Drinking alcohol, including straight spirits, will contribute to your overall energy intake. To absorb alcohol, our bodies need a lot of the essential B vitamin, thiamine. Without enough thiamine, we can have unpleasant complications which are outlined below.

Once absorbed, alcohol is broken down into a product known as acetaldehyde. If alcohol is consumed in excess, acetaldehyde can inflame and scar the liver.


Cons of alcohol

Excessive alcohol consumption can...

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