Why Do the Health Challenge?

Uncategorized Jun 18, 2021

Meet Alicia and Tamara, best friends who did our health challenge over a year ago.


To date, they have lost a combined 50kgs of body fat.

They didn't lose this weight in the 4 weeks of our health challenge but the lessons they learnt in this time is what they've put into practice and lost the weight.


Alicia's tips for success are:

Find some form of exercise that you enjoy and can fit in - I danced to my favourite songs at home and did light hand weights.
- Get a mirror and fall in love with your body and how it changes.
Use the app and track everything initially and then when you get off track, use the app again to remind you of your fuel requirements.
Eat more lean protein and volumes of low kJ foods.
Learn about food from the health challenge and remember to eat foods that fuel your body.
Plan and Food prep. Put foods in the app before eating them rather than after.

Tamara's Health Challenge Journey

I had no intention of sharing my weight loss story and it is not really in my nature but after speaking with Stacey the other day about my results and how they have come about, as well as many friends contacting me to ask, it occurred to me that it was possible that other people may benefit from hearing about my past twelve months and how the journey was for myself.

This time last year I had lost three kilograms for the year and was quite worried as this is how I had started most of my years with losing weight before putting it all on over and over again and I badly wanted to lose 30kgs to get to my healthy weight range before I turned the big 40 at the end of the year. My friend suggested I do the CQ Nutrition challenge with her as she had done one previously and had great results. I did not consider myself a challenge person as I am not really competitive and have never been to a gym but she assured me that this challenge was more about nutrition. I was still hesitant as I knew I had a lot of knowledge about foods and how they were metabolized in the body. After much deliberation my friend finally persuaded me to take part in the challenge and I very reluctantly signed up for the February 2020 challenge.
To put a long story short after doing this challenge for just four weeks I ended up continuing with what I had learnt and achieving my goal of losing 30kg (30.9 to be exact) last year! The amount I learnt in those four weeks was phenomenal. The online Scood weight loss program has so much information and I found it so beneficial looking at all aspects of weight loss. Sustainability seemed to be a key word which is exactly what I needed. I wanted something that I could fit in my life forever, not just for the four weeks of the challenge. This meant I could work the meals and recipes into what the rest of my family was eating as I really wanted to be able to still sit around the dinner table as a family and enjoy our meals together. From the first day for me it was about doing what was going to work long term and what I learnt from the challenge made it plausible that I could work my new plan into my life. This also included still having a few drinks with my husband on a Friday night while catching up on the week which made me feel like I was not missing out at all.
I soon worked out that the amount of exercise required to lose weight was not going to fit into life with four children, a business at home and my ‘real job’ so after the first four weeks I lost the rest of the weight without doing any set exercise at all. I do realise exercise is very beneficial for one’s health on many levels but personally the exercise for me was only happening with a severe deprivation of sleep and once I let go of the expectation to have to do the exercise a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. I was amazed to find that if I stuck to the kilojoules and protein intake that had been explained in the course I was losing weight that was fat loss and not muscle even without the exercise.
It was not all smooth sailing, I did have some ups and downs when I lost someone very dear to me, my son suffered some trauma which ended up being long term and when I went on a holiday but was able to lose the few kilos again as I feel like I now have a clear direction in my mind on how to do this from what I have learnt through the challenge. This in itself is such a pressure relief as before I started this challenge I felt a lot of my mind space was taken up by always worrying about my weight and how I was going to lose it. I am hoping that my story resonates with other people and that they too are able to have success with weight loss as I have. Thank you CQ Nutrition for providing the opportunity to do this challenge which has made such a large impact on my life.
I have added some photos because what is a weight loss story without photos?!

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