Trendy Tips for 2021 Goal Setting

goalsetting Jan 19, 2021

Achieving New Year’s resolutions can be damn right tricky!  

Luckily, we have three terrific tips for setting you onto the road for success! These evidence-based strategies will help you to smash out your 2021 goals, ultimately leading to a better version of yourself. Whether it be to lose weight, pay off your house, get a promotion, increase muscle mass… the sky is the limit! 

1. Physically document your New Year’s resolutions.

You want to write it down and review it regularly. This is to monitor the state of change and progression. You may find it beneficial to set a reminder in your phone or on your outlook calendar.

2. Share your resolutions.

The evidence suggests if you share a goal with a trusted person or make a goal public, you are more likely to achieve it. Sharing goals can give you a level of accountability.

3. Create a vision board. 

A vision board is a collation of pictures, affirmations and images of one’s dreams and desires (in this case, New Year's resolutions). It is designed to serve as a source of motivation and inspiration. Vision boards have been scientifically proven to activate a part of our brain, known as the reticular activating system (RAS).

What does RAS mean?

Let’s say you’re looking to buy a red sports car. All of a sudden, you start seeing red sports cars whenever you’re out driving. They have always been there, but you have never seen them. This is your RAS working.

The same idea applies to a vision board. When you’re continually visualising your 2021 goals, you’re more likely to think about them. Therefore, you’re more likely to put actions into place to help you achieve these New Year's resolutions.


To smash out our goals, we want to write down our resolutions, share these with a trusted person and create a vision board. If your goal relates to health and nutrition, join our ‘Weight Loss Support & Recipes Group’ on Facebook. This supportive environment is the perfect space to share your goals and gain support and encouragement from your community.

Here is a link to book in with one of our expert dietitians at any of our locations https://www.cqnutrition.com.au/booking/ 

Want an online consultation? Book in on my calendar and in comments write online: https://bit.ly/AnnieROK 

Written by Annabel Johnston, BAppSc&MDietPrac









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