Stacey and Chris Hughes are the husband and wife founders of one of Australia’s leading dietitian practices, CQ Nutrition. Chris is an accredited dietitian with 10 years of experience coaching everyday Aussies to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Meanwhile, Stacey is the business and marketing director of the brand, responsible for growing the chain from just one clinic in Rockhampton to five locations across Queensland (and growing).

The flagship program is the amazing SCOOD $50k Health Challenge which provides dedicated support and motivation to participants to help them transform their lives. It also offers mega cash prizes totaling $50k for the man and woman who lose the most body fat over the four week program. More than three thousand kilos have been lost on the program in the last year and the average weight loss is 4.4 kilos. Some participants have a 10% change in body fat—or more. This success is a great source of pride to Chris and Stacey who love nothing more than helping people achieve amazing weight loss and start a new healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives.

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Dietitian Chris Hughes is passionate about helping people improve their health. Everyone has their own story, each coming with their own lessons learned. Punching Above Your Weight is a podcast that gives people the avenue to share their journey to everyone in hopes that it may enlighten them more about the struggles of weight loss but moreover how to overcome them.

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"It is possible for you to LOSE WEIGHT without starving yourself!"


Driven by the notion to create a clear path through all the confusion, dietitian Chris Hughes has written The Tweaking Diet to give people the knowledge and skills to modify their own diet and lifestyle. In this book, he shows that it is possible for you to lose weight without starving yourself.

Whatever diet approach you choose, you need to ask yourself: 'Is it something I can do for the rest of my life?' The Tweaking Diet gives you the skills to both lose weight and understand how to continue eating the foods you love.

Dieting will never be a chore again!

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